Cost savings you can count on!Lighting is a principle energy user in various commercial properties. By retrofitting to newer lighting technology, power consumption can be reduced, lighting can be upgraded and significant savings can be realized.

The Economics of Going Green

The decision to go green begins with minimizing energy consumption.  A significant amount of energy is required to light the office, warehouse, or manufacturing space that your company uses to conduct business.  By replacing the old energy inefficient lights currently in place, the typical company can expect to save between 40 and 60 percent of their lighting costs!

ComEd Rebates

As part of the multi-billion dollar economic stimulus program, the federal government has provided a great deal of funding to utility companies to encourage businesses like yours to go green.  Now, when your company makes the decision to commit to sustainability, part of the cost will be covered by ComEd!  Act soon to take advantage of this great incentive!

Paying at the Summit

Each month, ComEd tracks how much stress your company places on their grid.  The largest amount of energy your company requires at one time over the month is called your peak demand.  Your entire month’s bill is reflected in that figure.  The higher the figure, the more you pay.  Your company will save money not only by decreasing the number of kilowatt-hours it is paying for, but also by decreasing its peak demand.